On 25 August 2016 the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Mr. Filippo Grandi had a meeting with the organizations which support refugees, so that they would express their views regarding the situation of refugees in Greece.


AITIMA participated to the meeting and expressed its deep concern regarding the human rights situation of the refugees.


More specifically AITIMA referred to:


-The situation after the EU- Turkey statement, which –according to Greek and International human rights organizations-is not complying to International Law.


-The fact that the asylum cases of tens of thousands refugees have not even started to be examined, since the authorities have so far proceeded only to pre-registration and not to full registration of their asylum applications.


-The fact that a big number of refugees which according to estimations may amount to over 10.000 have not been registered, which means that they are undocumented and they face the danger of arrest, detention and readmission/deportation.

Moreover it was pointed out that this situation is causing on one hand frustration to refugees who realize that their cases are not proceeding and on the other social tensions. Especially at the islands the situation is alarming as the 11.000 refugees who are stranded there also experience big uncertainty, since they face the danger of readmission to Turkey as well.